ThinAir Hand Dryer

The ThinAir hand dryer series is a high-speed, energy-efficient product. It is surface-mountable and features a slimmer profile to be ADA-compliant. The ThinAir dries hands in 15 seconds using 950 watts or less. Find the new ThinAir Excel hand dryer for a competitive price at HomElectrical.

What is a thin air hand dryer?

HomElectrical carries the Excel Thin Air hand dryer at a competitive price. This hand dryer features high-speeds and is energy-efficient. This model is surface-mounted and ADA-compliant with its slimmer profile. It dries hands in 15 seconds using 950 Watts (Heat On) or 300 Watts (Heat Off).

How does the Excel thin air hand dryer work?

The ThinAir cover is constructed with an ABS white polymer with a SanaFor antimicrobial additive. It meets 4'' ADA protrusion guidelines to accommodate the visually impaired and offers an adjustable speed and sound controller. Variable Heat settings of High, Medium, Low and Off. The pre-filter is washable. The ThinAir comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Ensure that your commercial restroom meets ADA protrusion guidelines with the Excel ThinAir hand dryer from HomElectrical.
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