Excel Hand Dryers manufactures three series of cast cover hand dryers for you to choose from. The HANDS ON, HANDS OFF, and LEXAN series all feature a range of activation methods, heavy-duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy covers, and superior performance. Save on Excel Cast Cover Hand Dryers with HomElectrical's competitive pricing.

What is the Cast Cover Hand Dryer made of?

Each tradition cast cover series hand dryer is made with one piece of heavy duty, rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy cover.

What is the difference between hands on and hands off?

  • The HANDS ON series of cast cover hand dryers feature push-button activation. They are available for either surface or recessed wall mounting. They provide twice the service free life of other hand dryers.
  • The HANDS OFF series of cast cover hand dryers are activated with automatic sensors. They provide exceptionally quiet operation with maximum strength and durability.

What is the Lexan series?

The LEXAN series is surface mountable and is constructed with one piece of molded Lexan. They are available in push button or fully automatic models.
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