Bergen Industries

Bergen Industries

Power Cord

Find the right power cord for your devices with the vast selection of Bergen Power Cords.

LED Light Replacement Parts

If your Bergen light needs accessories to improve functionality, Bergen LED Light Replacement Parts include housing, diffusers, and lenses.

Tube Guard

Protect tube lights with the Bergen Tube Guard ideal in food prep or public environments.

Work Light Replacements

For corn bulbs that light up work sites choose Bergen Work Light Replacements featuring high lumen output.

Fixture Whips

Bergen Fixture Whips connect LED fixtures and suit a variety of light fixture requirements.

Work Light Replacement Cages

Metal or plastic Bergen Work Light Replacement Cages provide protection for work light stringers in use at job or construction sites.

Extension Cord

Take your electrical power further with a Bergen Extension Cord with cords from 5 feet to 100 feet.

Sockets & Lamp Holders

Bergen Sockets & Lamp Holders support a variety of different bulb bases to secure them different ways to suit any application.

Work Light Stringers

For light fixtures to illuminate job and construction sites check out durable Bergen Work Light Stringers that function as temporary lighting.

LED Corn Bulb

If you’re looking to retrofit older light fixtures with energy efficient, bright light, a Bergen LED Corn Bulb offers quality illumination.

Bergen Temporary Work Light

Mount a Bergen Temporary Work Light at job or construction sites where lighting is only necessary for a set amount of time.
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