Lamp Shining LED

Lamp Shining LED offers the highest quality industrial lighting products. Lamp Shining products range from outdoor wall packs, canopy lights, flood lights, and high bay stadium light fixtures to Lamp Shining LED Retrofit Kits. No matter if you need to illuminate a sidewalk or a gymnasium, HomElectrical has the LED lighting you need to get the job finished.
Lamp Shining LED

LED Retrofit Kit

Upgrade old light fixtures with Lamp Shining LED Retrofit Kits for brighter, more energy efficient lighting.

LED Sport/Stadium Light

Fill your stadium or sports field with Lamp Shining LED Sport/Stadium Lights with powerful, bright lighting which requires less maintenance.

LED Post Top Light

Shop Lamp Shining LED Post Top Lights for brighter lighting with a decorative fixture.

LED Flood Light

Illuminate large outdoor spaces with Lamp Shining LED Flood Lights with select models featuring photocells.

LED Wall Pack

Illuminate building entrances, stairways, schools, and more with an LED wall pack from Lamp Shining.

LED High Bay

Illuminate warehouses, garages, or other large spaces with high ceilings using Lamp Shining LED High Bay light fixtures for bright, energy efficient lighting.

LED Shoebox Fixture

Purchase a Lamp Shining LED Shoebox Fixture suitable for light poles to illuminate parking lots or streets.

LED Corn Bulb

Breathe new life into older light fixtures with Lamp Shining LED Corn Bulbs which shine brighter and last longer than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

How does LED save energy?

LEDs produce brighter light using less energy so they last longer and require less maintenance. The typical lifetimes of LED bulbs are quoted to be 25,000 to 100,000 hours.

What types of LED lighting does Lamp Shining have?

They have a multitude of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Retrofitting a light pole? We have it. Replacing a lamp in your post top light? We have the corn bulb you need.
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