Lamp Shining LED High Bay

Lamp Shining LED High Bay lights are excellent replacements for inefficient fluorescent high bay fixtures in warehouses, retail ceiling lighting, and commercial interiors and exteriors. The LED technology offers consistent color, long 50,000 hour lifespans, and brighter light with less energy consumption. Many of Lamp Shining LEDs models are also compatible with motion sensors and photocells to ensure that they offer all the energy savings that you need. Shop HomElectrical's selection of LED high bay lights today!

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What makes a fixture a high bay fixture?

High bay fixtures are designed to be larger in size compared to traditional ceiling fixtures. They also have higher wattage capabilities to light larger areas. These specific design elements make these fixtures more suitable for high ceiling spaces.

Where should I use an LED High Bay fixture?

High bay fixtures should be used in areas where the light will be hung between 20 and 40 feet high. If the mounting height will be less than 20 feet, you may want to consider a low bay fixture. These fixtures are typically found in gymnasiums, large warehouses, stadiums, or theaters.
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