Lamp Shining LED Retrofit Kit

Lamp Shining LED High Bay Retrofit Kits are installed in existing high bay fixtures to upgrade them to LED technology which improves their energy efficiency and saves on energy consumption. At HomElectrical, we carry high bay retrofit kits that are compatible with many different high bay styles to suit any need. Browse our selection of high bay retrofit kits to find the one that's right for your application.

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Why should I consider a high bay retrofit kit over a new design?

Retrofitting is much more cost effective than a full redesign, which involves replacing the fixtures as well as the bulbs and ballasts. Retrofitting to a high bay retrofit kit allows you to keep your existing fixture and design while still getting the benefits of LED technology and efficiency.

What are the advantages of an LED High Bay Retrofit Kit?

LED high bay retrofit kits provide an easy way to update outdated lighting fixtures. They are energy efficient alternatives to incandescent bulbs or metal halide bulbs. They feature long life spans and high lumen output with low energy consumption.
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