Lamp Shining LED Shoebox Fixture

A LED Shoebox Fixture is a light fixture in a rectangular shape typically mounted to light poles. The shape allows a very wide beam distribution so less fixtures are needed for more area covered. There are many options available with these fixtures including: dimming capability, dawn-to-dusk operation via photocell, long life hours, various color temperatures, efficient lumen output, useful wattage equivalents, as well as different mounting options. Shoebox fixtures are ideal for streets, roadways, pedestrian walkways, biking areas, parking lots, and large work or construction areas.

What is an LED Shoebox Fixture?

A shoebox fixture is an outdoor light fixture that is typically found in commercial parking lots, car sale parking lots, or lining highway streets.

Why is it called a "Shoebox Light"?

Shoebox fixtures got their name from their general shoebox shape. The rectangular size of the fixture closely resembles a traditional shoe box.
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