MAPA Professional

MAPA Professional is a leading company in creating durable and protective gloves for any field. They sell a variety of types of gloves including disposable, liquidproof protection, and chemical protection gloves. A lot of the gloves also have features including handling protection, cut protection, thermal protection, or can be used in critical environments. These gloves can be used in a variety of industries including food, construction, local authorities, or even automotive manufacturing. Find the gloves for your needs today at HomElectrical.

What is the average shelf life for gloves?

For MAPA Professional gloves. the place of storage and storage procedures determine the shelf life of the gloves. The gloves should be stored in their boxes until ready to use so that they are protected from any outside light and humidity. They should also be stored in temperatures between 40-95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you follow these conditions, shelf life for the goves should range from about 2-2.5 years depending on the type of glove.

Are the gloves biodegradable?

Only if the gloves are made with natural latex are they significantly degradable by oxidation in the sun. Gloves containing natural or synthetic fiber materials are only slightly degradable if at all. make sure to read what your gloves are made of before disposing of them in the wrong place.
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