Markal is a high performance company that is a global leader in industrial marker solutions. This global manufacturing company has a variety of hand-held industrial solutions and have a large amount of innovative tools for different industries including metal production, ship building, automotive assembly, welding and metal fabrication, building construction, and more! Browse our collection of Markal products today and find the solution for you!

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How can I remove a mark I made by mistake?

Markal markers are meant to be permanent, but there are some products that can be ground off or erased with hazardous solvents such as ketones and acetates. There are some Markal markers made that are removable, but if you have the permanent marker, use with care.

What is the difference between a paint marker and an ink marker?

Both markers are usable on multiple different surfaces, but the paint marker tends to have a more permanent effect overall to the ink marker. Even thought the ink marker dries faster and can easily be removed with solvents, paint markers are much more resistant and will have better longevity overall.
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