Endless Summer

Endless Summer delivers stylish outdoor fire pits to revitalize your outdoor living areas! Endless Summer outdoor fire pits include both gas and wood-burning options to fit your style and serve as a decorative and functional focal point. Find a wide variety of traditional gas fire pits as well as an outdoor firehouse, decorative gas fire columns, and much more. Enjoy the outdoors with a stylish Endless Summer fire pit!
Endless Summer

Endless Summer Gas Fire Pit

Create a cozy atmosphere for your outdoor spaces with this selection of gas fire pits, fire columns, and stylish tabletop fire bowl.

Endless Summer Wood Burning Fire Pit

Stay warm on chilly nights, liven up your outdoor entertainment area, and enjoy the crackling fire with this selection of wood-burning fire pits.

What Endless Summer outdoor fire pit options do they offer?

Endless Summer fire pits include both wood-burning and gas options. Their wood-burning firepits feature a traditional fire pit design with a selection of decorative options. Choose from options with flame designs, chic geometric or lattice designs, decorative stars & moons, and more.

Endless Summer’s gas units use liquid propane gas (LP) as a fuel source. Depending on the type of LP gas fire pit, they may connect to a propane line or use a tank to burn fuel. Endless Summer LP outdoor gas fire pits use a propane tank and cannot connect to natural gas.

Their LP gas outdoor fire pit units feature different designs, lengths, styles, and finishes. Their fire pit tables offer options with different mantel and steel base designs and to match your décor. Choose between options like this Endless Summer 30-in outdoor fire pit with a slate tile mantel and stylish steel base, or this 30-in woodgrain printed mantel and oil rubbed bronze fire pit. You can also find options that include stylish decorative media, like black fire glass or lava rocks. Options also include a protective cover.

Additionally, they offer fire columns to add additional light and warmth and a tabletop fire bowl for a touch of elegance to your tabletop.

What is the difference between an outdoor fire pit, patio heater, and outdoor fireplace?

Outdoor fire pits, patio heaters, fire pit tables, and outdoor fireplaces give your family and friends a comfortable place to gather but they each offer their own differences. Consider the following pros and cons of each:

Patio Heaters offer a simple solution to keeping your outdoor area warm. You can often find gas or electric patio heaters. They may wall mount or use a pole mount design, like this parasol stand heater. Often used to warm patios and outdoor spaces for restaurants, these heaters warm up quickly and effectively.

While they provide a handy option for warming patios, they feature limited design options. Patio heaters tend to appear more commercial in their design with little decorative flair.

Outdoor fire pits come in different style options and can use wood or gas as a fuel source. Outdoor fire pits add rustic charm to an outdoor location and, unlike a patio heater, supply a real fire for your loved ones to gather around.

However, fire pits can pose a safety hazard as they deal with an open flame. They may also give off embers and sparks. Endless Summer wood-burning fire pits include a mesh guard to help safely contain sparks.

Fire pit tables combine the appearance of a stylish patio table with an outdoor fire pit. They use a base and mantel design while utilizing a real flame to provide warmth. A chic and elegant fire table also adds ambiance to your outdoor spaces and provides a pleasant place to gather. Options that use an LP tank offer portability as they do not require permanent installation.

Propane tank refills can add up in costs over time. Additionally, you should keep children and burnable items, like paper plates or plastic utensils, away from the flame.

Outdoor fireplaces make an elegant choice that gives the area a sense of luxury. These options typically feature a permanent structure built around a firebox. They can attach to an adjoining deck or patio, or feature a stand-alone design.

Though stylish, outdoor fireplaces top the list as one of the most expensive options.

What fire pit safety factors should I consider?

You should place a fire pit at least ten feet away from anything flammable. This means it must sit at least ten feet away from any structure, house, or combustible surface. Keep them away from hanging trees, branches, or flammable overhangs and make sure to follow local building codes.

Endless Summer advises that you never place a gas or wood fire pit on a wooden deck. Only place them on rock, stone, concrete, or bricks. Additionally, only use them outdoors. Never use a fire pit in buildings, garages, or other enclosed areas and never leave the fire unattended.

Why choose Endless Summer?

Since 1998, Endless Summer has continued to offer a collection of high quality fire pits and fire pit tables for a variety of outdoor living spaces. They can add warmth, ambiance, and elegance to your own backyard.

They also offer DualHeat options that combine the technology of an infrared radiant patio heater with an outdoor propane gas fire pit. Their design allows you to use it four ways: as a fire pit only, a patio heater only, both a fire pit and patio heater, or as a table.

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