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Enjoy any outdoor space even in the winter with a patio heater! HomElectrical sells infrared, propane, and natural gas patio heaters. Browse top heaters at HomElectrical and find the perfect one for your outdoor dining area or patio today!

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How does an infrared patio heater work?

An infrared patio heater uses radiant heat to warm people in outdoor spaces. Convection heat, the go-to for indoor electric heaters, does not work outside because it diffuses away to colder spaces. Infrared heat warms the people in the space and not the surrounding air, so no energy gets lost.

These heaters also work well in large indoor spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses. In a small patio space with poor ventilation, infrared heaters provide a safer option than an outdoor propane or natural gas heater.

What is the difference between a propane heater and a natural gas heater?

While very similar types of fuels sources, the main difference between propane and natural gas lies in how the fuel gets to your home. Some homes only have one option for the fuel source. Natural gas arrives through a pipeline. If your home does not already have one in place, installing one may cost up to $10,000. Propane, on the other hand, in tanks. To refill a propane tank, you can go to a retail location.

If your home already has a natural gas pipeline, natural gas remains the cheaper alternative to propane. However, without a natural gas pipeline, use a propane patio heater as the most convenient option.

What patio heater options does HomElectrical sell?

HomElectrical sells infrared, propane, and natural gas heaters in a variety of wattage, voltage, and BTUs of heat to fit your space. Additionally, these outdoor heating options come in different shapes and sizes. Parasol stand heaters stand up from the ground and focus radiant energy to the ground. Options include fixed and portable. Fixed options stay in one spot on the ground, while portable heaters come with wheels for easy transport, making this a much safer option than portable space heaters.

HomElectrical sells heaters with mounting options that include ceiling, flush mount, recessed mount, and post-mount. Finishes include black and stainless steel options. Infrared heaters come in dual or single bulb options.

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