Endless Summer Gas Fire Pit

Upgrade your outdoor living area into a cozy entertainment space with a gas fire pit from Endless Summer! Endless Summer offers fire pits that feature a table-like design. Find a variety of colors, mantels, and styles so you can choose the one that best matches your décor. They also offer a stylish selection of fire columns and a tabletop fire bowl for a chic and elegant addition. Skip the local store; shop HomElectrical to find the right Endless Summer gas fire pit for your outdoor space!

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Why choose a gas fire pit?

Gas fire pits offer a less expensive alternative to outdoor fireplaces as they do not require the same amount of installation or architecture. And they offer an easy-to-use alternative over wood-burning fire pits. Depending on the type and manufacturer, gas fire pits can use either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) as a fuel source. Natural gas units typically need to connect to a natural gas line while LP gas outdoor fire pit options may connect to a propane line or use a propane tank. Endless Summer offers liquid propane gas fire pits that use a propane tank to supply fuel.

They offer benefits such as:

  • Easy to Use - they ignite in seconds and many offer a push-button ignition for easy start up and shut down. Many also offer the ability to adjust the heat and flame intensity.
  • Ambiance - they provide the warmth and soft glow of a fire to transform your outdoor areas into a peaceful and relaxed entertainment area.
  • Versatile - you can find a variety of styles available, like a traditional fire pit design or fire pit table. Add accessories designed to work in a fire pit, such as glass or lava rocks for additional versatility.
  • No sparks or embers - wood-burning fires give off sparks, embers, and pesky smoke. Flames from a gas unit do not! This means you can use them around furniture without the same risk of damaging them.

What is the purpose of a fire table?

A fire pit table, or fire table, works as a type of outdoor furniture. They combine the usefulness of a table with the warmth of a fire pit. They also feature more luxurious designs than traditional firepits and give your friends and loved ones a comfortable place to gather.

You can also use them without the flame! Endless Summer offers certain units that include a hideaway insert so you can use the table with the flame, or you can cover the burner and use the unit as a table.

Endless Summer fire pit table options use liquid propane. With their liquid propane fire pit tables, the tank sits at the bottom of the unit so it remains concealed and out of the way.

When using a gas fire pit, always keep it outdoors. Though they may work as a table, you shouldn’t use a fire pit table indoors or in an enclosed area. Additionally, avoid using them on wooden decks as this can pose a safety risk.

What are the benefits of an Endless Summer gas fire pit?

Endless Summer offers a wide variety of fire pits to match almost any outdoor atmosphere. Many options feature a fire table design, though you can find a portable outdoor unit that resembles a traditional wood-burning fire pit as well.

Choose from tables with a ceramic tile, faux wood, UV printed, slate tile, or steel mantel. You can also find units that include decorative fire glass, like this Endless Summer 30 inch fire pit, or lava rocks, like this 30-inch fire pit. Many options also come with an included hide-away insert that lets you cover the burner so you can use the unit as a table. When not in use, you can hide this insert away in the door of the unit.

They may offer added benefits, such as:

  • 30,000 BTU/H - 50,000 BTU/H
  • 28-, 30-, 38-, 40-, 42-inch sizes
  • Protective cover included
  • Hidden control panel

What is a DualHeat fire pit?

Endless Summer gas fire pit table options include the DualHeat units. DualHeat combines the technology of both infrared radiant patio heaters and outdoor propane gas fire pits. These functional tables provide more than one use too! They feature a design that allows you to use the fire pit table in four ways: patio heater, fire pit, fire pit and patio heater, or table. This means you can turn the flame aspect off while still using the unit to provide warmth, or you can turn the heater off and still use the flame. Or you can use both units at once for added warmth!

The Dual Heat fire pits also feature a hidden control panel and an easy push-and-turn ignition.

What other options does Endless Summer offer?

Endless Summer offers more than just fire pits and tables. They offer elegant and stylish fire columns that accent your outdoor spaces. They come in large and small as well as two color finishes: black and slate. Their 27.6-in and 14.9-in tall columns come in a black color finish. Their 28-in and 15-in height fire columns come in a slate color finish. They include decorative black fire glass.

They also offer a fire bowl which makes an attractive centerpiece for your tabletops. It features a simulated stone construction and uses Citronella fuel.

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