Weld-Aid is a leading brand of welding safety products and supplies. They specialize in high quality protective lubricants and coolants that help prevent rust, grinding, and spatter in metal to metal connections. Shop through their selection of galvanizing compounds, anti-spatter kits and nozzle cleaners today!

How to reduce spatter when welding?

When welding metals together, you may come across weld spatter. These are drops of melted metal that have splashed onto your welding tip and nozzle during the high temperature welding process. This is most common when gas metal arc welding. We recommend using Weld-Aid's heavy duty anti-spatter compound to prevent this from happening. <

  • They are great for high temperature applications
  • Non-flammable
  • Paintable

How to use the Nozzle-Kleen tool?

In order to prevent spatter buildup on your welding torch nozzles, we recommend using the Nozzle Kleener tool. This tool is easy to use and doesn't require any disassembly. Simply fasten the tool onto the nozzle, and twist to remove any excess spatter.
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