UniFlame provides the fireplace accessories you need to make tending to your fire easy and convenient. They specialize in luxurious, decorative, and functional accessories designed for refined tastes. Their elegant options include 4- and 5-piece fireplace tool sets, fireplace screens, log holders, log grates, and rugs. Forget the local store; complement your fireplace with chic fireplace accessories from UniFlame by shopping HomElectrical.com!

UniFlame Log Grate

Find cast iron, stainless steel, and steel log grate options available in a variety of bar sizes so you can find the one you need!

UniFlame Log Holders

Store your logs with ease with this selection of log racks, log holders, and log carriers available in a selection of shapes and styles to match what you need!

UniFlame Rugs

Protect your floors against damaging embers and sparks from a fireplace with this selection of wool and nylon hearth rugs!

UniFlame Fireset

Shop these fireplace tool sets to find a wide variety of options available in different color finishes, styles, sizes, and more so you can find the one you need to match your fireplace.

UniFlame Fireplace Accessories

Discover the fireplace accessories you need to complement your fireplace, like ash bins, coal hods, andirons, bellows, and more.

UniFlame Fireplace Screen

Protect your home from flying sparks and embers with this selection of stylish and decorative fireplace screens!

What does UniFlame offer?

UniFlame offers fireplace tools and accessories that add refinement to your fireplace. As an industry leader, they remain dedicated to providing quality accessories meant to make tending to your fireplace easy. Their options include:

Fireplace screens - fireplace screens, also called fire screens, serve as a stylish way to reduce excessive heat, shield your home from stray sparks and embers, and prevent children and pets from getting too close to the flames. You can find fireplace screens ranging from decorative and elegant to utilitarian and functional. They offer curved, single and multi-panel designs, and sparks guards.

Firesets - commonly called fire sets or fireplace tools, they include essential tools for tending to a fire. UniFlame offers both 4- and 5-piece fire sets. Their four-piece sets include a poker, shovel, brush, and stand. UniFlame 5-piece options also include tongs.

Log grates - lift the fire off the floor to allow for better airflow. This increases the efficiency of the burn. UniFlame offers cast iron, steel, and stainless-steel log grates in various sizes and shapes.

Rugs - known as a hearth rug or fireplace rug, protects your floors from damage caused by flying sparks and embers. Hearth rugs consist of fire-resistant materials that reduce the risk of fires. UniFlame offers 100 percent hand-tufted wool and nylon options.

Log holders - log holders and log racks allow you to store firewood for quick and easy access. You can also find log carriers which help to prevent a mess while transporting logs.

Fireplace accessories - you can choose from a variety of fireplace accessories including andirons, bellows, open & close damper pull, shovel & brush set, and more.

What fire sets does UniFlame offer?

UniFlame fireplace tools include a wide variety of styles and color finishes. Find fireplace tool sets with in-line stands, ring and twist handles, cylinder handles, and much more. Their color finishes include:

  • Venetian bronze
  • Antique copper
  • Black
  • Olde world iron
  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Polished brass

They offer sizes and styles to match almost any fireplace. The stands range in height from 20-inches up to 34-inches. Choose from style options like this 33-in fireset that features integrated crook handles or this 30-in fireset with heart shaped handles.

Does UniFlame offer fireplaces or fire pits?

While they offer a wide variety of fireplace accessories, UniFlame does not offer fireplaces or fire pits. For a selection of outdoor fire pits, including wood-burning and LP gas fire pit options, visit their sister company, Endless Summer!

In need of a log rack or log holder for a fire pit? UniFlame offers a 4-ft log rack and extension to help you store firewood easily. They also offer a convenient log rack cover to help protect the wood.

Why choose a UniFlame rug?

You can find a UniFlame hearth rug made of either flame-resistant nylon or 100 percent hand-tufted wool.

Nylon melts slowly when it encounters hot coals, which means these make for a great hearth rug option. However, they can still melt, which can cause damage to the floor beneath. They typically offer a less expensive option than wool.

Wool rugs feature a low flame spread rate, meaning that if an ember lands on the rug, it extinguishes before spreading further. They might char, but these char marks may brush out. They don’t melt in the same way that synthetic fibers, like nylon, do.

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