UniFlame Fireset

Create a warm, pleasant hearth and tend to your fire with ease this winter with UniFlame fireplace tools! A UniFlame fireset consists of the heavy-duty tools you need to keep your fire warm and comfortable. They come in a wide variety of color finish options so you can find the one that matches your décor. Skip the local store for your home improvement needs; shop HomElectrical.com to find the perfect set of fireplace tools with a UniFlame fire set!

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What is included in the fireset?

UniFlame’s 5-piece fireplace tool set includes the poker, brush, shovel, tongs, and stand. They also offer 4-piece sets. Their 4-piece set includes the poker, shovel, brush, and stand.

UniFlame also offers options available with a black wrought iron construction, polished brass, venetian bronze, antique rust, pewter, and other decorative color finishes. These fire sets range in height, which acts as a good indicator for the size of the tools. This can also help in determining which of these fireplace sets make the best option for you.

Why do you need fireplace tools?

Fireplace tool sets help you tend to a wood-burning fire with ease. They typically see use with fireplaces, but may work with a fire pit or wood-burning stove.

Each tool serves an important purpose:

  • Poker - also called a fire iron, helps adjust coals and wood pieces. This tool can also see use stirring up the fire. They consist of a fireproof material.
  • Shovel - allows you to control the ashes in the fireplace. You can smooth out the ashes, remove some, or remove all of them. Controlling the ashes lets your fire burn efficiently.
  • Brush - this tool often sees use after the fire has gone out. After you scoop out the ashes using the shovel, you can use the brush to clear any leftover ashes from the hearth. Some sets include a broom instead.
  • Tongs - sometimes referred to as a log grabber or log lifter, fireplace tongs allow you add more wood to an already roaring fire or move burning logs. This lets you control the fire as they can move heavier pieces of wood than the poker.
  • Stand - the fireplace stand provides two functions: it provides a place to store the tools when not in use and adds a decorative touch to the hearth.

What fire set should I choose?

There a few things to consider when deciding which fire set to choose for your fireplace.

  • Purpose - Before anything else, consider the purpose of the fire set. If you’re looking for a purely decorative one, then consider the color finish and style. You want the fireplace tools to enhance your décor. But if you need a functional toolset, then consider the following points on this list as well.
  • Inclusions - not all fire sets include the same tools. Often, you can find fireplace tools that lack the tongs or include a brush instead of a broom. A larger broom can sweep more ash while a smaller brush may fit into crevices more easily. Make sure your new fireset includes all the tools you need!
  • Material - Fireplace tools often use a steel or wrought iron construction. Wrought iron and steel fireplace sets offer strength but wrought iron resists rust well and works well for use outdoors, like with an outdoor fire pit.
  • Color finish - fire sets can come in a wide range finishes. You can choose one that matches the finish and accents of your fireplace. If you have a fireplace screen, consider matching your fireset to those colors as well.
  • Style - more than the others, the style you choose comes down to personal preference. No one knows your décor better than you! You can find a variety of simple designs or options with unique twists, heart-shaped handles, and much more.

What other accessories does UniFlame offer?

In addition to a UniFlame fireplace tool set, you can find a wide variety of fireplace accessories to match your fireset, including log holders or log rack options, fireplace screens, log grates, and other fireplace accessory options. Find all the accessories you need from UniFlame!

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