UniFlame Fireplace Screen

Protect your home from stray sparks and embers with a UniFlame fire screen! These screens also add a decorative touch with their elegant appearance. Choose from a variety of styles to find the one that complements your space. Find UniFlame single panel as well as three, four, or five panel options. Their color finish options include black, antique brass, bronze, and more! Create a pleasant hearth and cozy atmosphere with a stylish UniFlame fireplace screen available at HomElectrical!

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What is a fireplace screen used for?

Fireplace screens function as a safety barrier to protect against escaping sparks or embers that might damage belongings or start a fire in the home. They also serve a few different functions, including:

  • Reducing excessive heat rolling off a roaring fire
  • Prevent children and pets from getting too close to the flames
  • Keep unsightly ash from view
  • Serve as a decorative piece

While their primary purpose remains as a safety barrier, you can find many options designed to add a touch of style to the room. As a simple yet fashionable piece, ornate fireplace screens can make a bold statement or tie a room’s interior design together.

How do I choose a fireplace screen?

When choosing a fireplace screen, determine if you need one for decoration or one to provide protection. Decorative screens, sometimes referred to as summer screens, often work best to add style to your fireplace when not in use as their design does not allow for the same level of protection as other screens. They can range from a simple design to incredibly ornate and decorative.

If you need a more functional screen, you can find a wide variety of options. Popular options include curved, single, or multiple panel design options.

  • Single panels offer the easiest set up and often sit flush against the fireplace opening. Certain single panel fireplace screen options also feature doors for easy access to the fire.
  • Multiple panels arrange easily around the fire. Their side panels can fold for quick and trouble-free storage. Their three-dimensional design also leaves space for you to tend to the fire. These options may also feature doors for easy fireplace access.
  • Curved or bowed panels offer similar benefits to both the single and multiple panel options. They’re characterized by a gentle curve in their single-panel design that allows them to stand without feet or legs. They feature the ease of use of single panels as well as the three-dimensional effect of the multi-panel design. However, they cannot fold and may require you to move them out of the way to tend to the fire.

Next, consider the style you’re looking for. Fireplace screens often consist of a metal construction with a mesh screen or glass screen so you can still see the fire while using it. They may feature antique or contemporary appearances.

  • Antique - As truly antique or vintage screens become increasingly difficult to find, many manufacturers provide choices with an antique appearance. These options provide a vintage appearance while using modern materials.
  • Contemporary/Modern - Often characterized by their sleek appearance, contemporary screens can help modernize an old-school fireplace.
  • Utilitarian - You can also choose a more utilitarian option that provides more heavy-duty functionality with little decoration.

What is a spark guard?

Spark guards work similarly to fireplace screens. They help protect against sparks and embers. They look similar to a three-panel design. However, they often feature a top section that protects against sparks shooting up and over the top of the guard. Unlike three-fold screens, spark guards cannot fold and typically feature a rigid construction that requires you to pull the guard away from the fire to tend to it.

What fireplace screens does UniFlame offer?

UniFlame offers a wide variety of fireplace screens and spark guards to fit almost any fireplace. You can find options ranging from a single panel to three, four, or five-panels that wrap around your fireplace to prevent sparks and ash from escaping out the sides.

Their decorative options include single panel cast aluminum screens that add to your décor with their antique gold or bronze finish. They also offer a four-panel screen in bronze. Their selection also includes functional and elegant options, like this one with an arched top and leaf design or this option with an arched top, doors, and decorative scroll design.

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