UniFlame Log Grate

Protect your hearth and keep your fire burning efficiently with a UniFlame fireplace grate! UniFlame offers a wide variety of log grate options to help keep your wood fire burning efficiently. Choose from cast iron, stainless steel, or steel options in a variety of lengths and sizes. For a warm fire and pleasant hearth, shop UniFlame log grates at HomElectrical!

Why do you need a fireplace grate?

Grates allow you to stack wood or other solid fuel when starting the fire while providing many benefits. They raise the main fire off the floor, allowing for increased air flow to the fire for a more even burn. By allowing air to circulate from the bottom, the fire can burn hotter and more efficiently. Fireplace grates also helps protect the hearth from intense heat. In addition to protecting the hearth, they also control the location of the fire and raise the flames up towards the chimney to reduce the chance of smoke escaping into the living room, bedroom, or the area where the fireplace is installed.

They often see use with traditional open or wood burning fireplaces. Though they traditionally come in a rectangular shape, UniFlame offers hex shaped designs.

How do I choose a fireplace log grate?

Determine the size of the log grate you need so it fits well in your firebox as well as the type of grate you would like.

You can mostly find grates designed with cast iron and steel, but you can also find stainless steel options.

A cast iron fireplace grate consists of a single piece construction. They often have smaller gaps, which allows you to use smaller pieces of wood or coal without them falling through. Cast iron also retains heat well and tends to last longer than the average steel option, with the potential exception of a very heavy steel.

A steel fireplace grate works best when burning wood. They feature bars spaced further apart than cast iron. This means steel bar grates would not work well with coal as the coal would simply fall through the bars.

Stainless steel grates may work indoors or outdoors. UniFlame's stainless steel fire grates work best indoors.

Consider how often you use or plan to use the fireplace. If you use it relatively infrequently, like on special occasions, a light duty option works well. If you use it more often, a cast iron or heavy-duty steel would likely work best.

You can find certain grates that feature an ember retainer to keep the embers close to the fire but not all of them include it.

How do you take care of a fireplace grate?

Your log grate can last longer with proper care. These tips can help prolong its life:

  • Clean out the ash - Burned wood and ash fall through the grate and can block the air flow. To take care of the grate, clean the ashes out after every use. Otherwise, it can trap heat, which can wear down or even melt the grate. Allow the ashes to cool completely before sweeping them into an appropriate container.
  • Spread out wood and coals - When a grate fails or melts through, it tends to do so in the middle. This often happens because the heat concentrates in the middle and because they typically lack support in that area. You can extend the life of the grate by spreading the wood and coals across the length of the grate instead of pooling them in the center.
  • Don't put out the fire with water - Putting out a fire by dousing it with water certainly acts as an effective method but it can cause the grate to rust. It can also cause damage to the masonry or hearth and create a big mess.

Why choose UniFlame grates?

UniFlame offers different types of fireplace grates including cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. These options come in sizes ranging from 18-30 inches in length. UniFlame fireplace grate options also range in bar size and shapes, like their traditional style or options like this UniFlame 27 inch hexagon grate.

Additionally, UniFlame offers other fireplace accessories to help manage your fireplace and flame. You can find all the accessories you need, like fire sets, log holders, and more with UniFlame!

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