UniFlame Log Holders

Store your logs safely and securely with log holders and log racks from UniFlame! UniFlame offers log racks and holders available in a selection of shapes and styles to match your needs. Find hoops, baskets, carts, and traditional log racks. They also offer log carriers to make transferring the logs much easier. Shop HomElectrical to find a UniFlame log holder!

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What are fireplace log holders?

While both are great fireplace accessories that make firewood log storage easier, a log holder differs from a log rack. A firewood log rack or firewood storage rack allows you to store excess wood in a safe and convenient place. Outdoor firewood racks also keep the wood off the ground, which protects it from the damp earth, helps it stay dry, and keeps it free of bugs.

Log holders allow you to store a limited amount of wood inside. These options sit inside instead of out to allow for easy access to the wood. Some log holder option also include a fire set or fireplace tools to help tend to the fire.

Where do you place a log rack?

Where you store your firewood can impact the quality of your experience. Placing storage racks in the wrong spot can cause more issues than you might realize. When deciding where you want to store your firewood, consider the following:

  • Only store it outside - Never store logs inside your home for an extended period of time. While convenient to have on hand, they might carry with them ants, termites, spiders, and other critters that you don’t want in your living room. Instead, only bring in the wood you plan on burning that day.
  • Store wood at least five feet from a building - Avoid storing wood against your home. A wood pile can invite rodents, snakes, and other animals or insects to take up residence near windows or doors. This creates an easy way for them to sneak into your home. Ideally, you should store your wood around 25-30 feet away.
  • Allow for air circulation - To keep the wood dry and free of fungus, mold, or decay, you want to store the logs in a way that allows for as much air circulation as possible. Keep the cut ends exposed to the air and avoid placing the wood rack flush against a wall.
  • Use a cover - When it’s supposed to rain or snow, cover the wood to keep it dry. If you plan to keep the cover on long term, choose a breathable cover and only cover wood that has been fully dried, or seasoned. Additionally, cover only the top. This allows for airflow from the bottom.

Why are the benefits of a log carrier?

Whether going indoors or outdoors, log carriers offer an easy way to transport wood to any fire pit or fireplace. Log carriers typically consist of a durable fabric to reduce the risk of tears or splinters. They also offer the added benefit of keeping any debris, like wood chippings, bark, or dirt, contained within the carrier. That way, you don’t have to deal with a mess on the floor or on your hands!

What log rack and holder options does UniFlame offer?

UniFlame log rack options include a 4-ft wrought iron log rack and a 60-inch long wrought iron log rack. Additionally, they offer a 4-ft log rack extension to double the amount of wood you can store! Log hoop designs work well in areas with a limited amount of space. They even offer a log and kindling rack that includes a 4-piece fireset!

Their log holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the style of your fireplace. They offer more traditional options like this 19-in basket as well as options that include a carrier, like this 22-in holder with a suede leather carrier.

You can also find a 16.5-in wrought iron log holder with a removable cart option!

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