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What is liquid penetrant testing?

Liquid penetrants, or dye penetrants are used to detect surface defects in materials, such as metal, plastic, and ceramics. Once the spray adheres to the surface, the solvent will indicate any flaws in the material, like a spot check.

How do you check a dye penetrant test?

If your are looking for a low cost method to inspecting materials, consider using a liquid penetrant test.

  1. First, clean the surface with a cleaner or remover from Magnaflux. This may require a steel wool or a grinder for hard to clean surfaces, like metal. The surface should be free of dirt, debris, paint, oil, and grease.
  2. Second, apply the penetrant spray to the surface and allow 5 to 30 minutes to dry.
  3. Third, Remove penetrant with a dry clean rag until thoroughly clean.
  4. Fourth, use the cleaner/remover again until there is no visible evidence of penetrant spray left
  5. Next, apply a thin layer of developer, and allow 10 to 60 minutes of dwell time, to dry.
  6. Lastly, evaluate the indications, and measure any flaws to the surface.

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