Ericson Power & Lighting

A family-owned company for over 103 years, Ericson Manufacturing Company continues as an industry leader in electrical safety products. They stay focused on engineering and manufacturing safe, dependable, and easy to use temporary power and lighting products. Based in Willoughby, Ohio, Ericson offers quality products like portable GFCIs, work lights, and electrical plugs and connectors made in the United States. Discover reliable electrical products from Ericson at HomElectrical!
Ericson Power & Lighting

Ericson Portable GFCI & Outlet Box

Choose from a selection of portable GFCIs and portable outlet boxes to help make your jobsite safer.

Ericson Industrial Cord Sets

Supply power to your industrial location with Ericson's selection of industrial cord sets, including extension cords, antimicrobial cable options, and more.

Ericson Pendant Station Controls & Switches

Find a wide selection of pendant station controls and switch options to help operate a variety of machinery.

Ericson Electrical Plug & Connector

Discover a wide selection of electrical plugs and connectors including Ericson's Perma-Link, Perma-Clean, and Perma-Grip series as well as many more options so you can find the ones that best suit your project.

Ericson Retractable Cable Reel

Choose from a variety of retractable cable reels, including their Flex Grip series, as well as static discharge cable reel options!

Ericson Work Light

Choose from a wide variety of heavy duty LED work lights, including hand lamps and wide area work lights, to help illuminate your work space.

Ericson Relocatable Power Tap

This selection of relocatable power taps range from 1-ft to 100-ft cord options and work in a variety of locations to help you supply power to your devices!

Ericson Receptacles & Flip Covers

Shop a variety of receptacles and flip covers, including single flip covers, twist lock receptacles, and more.

Ericson UV-C Disinfection Cart

Disinfect a variety of spaces with these UV-C disinfection cart options, including 175W, 240W, or 320W options.

Ericson String Lights

Available in a variety of lengths, you can find string light options for use in commercial, industrial, or hazardous locations.

Ericson Accessories

Shop a selection of accessories, including connector sealing caps, plug boot options, and more with this selection of accessories!

Ericson RFID Security Management System

$43.05Pack of 10
$194.09Pack of 50
Prevent theft, track tags, and more with this selection of RFID tags and the RFID management system kit!

Ericson Cord Grips

Choose from a variety of cord grip options, including pulling grips, strain relief grips, support grips, and much more.

Ericson Power Distribution Center

Discover a selection of power distribution centers to help keep your work and jobsite powered!

Ericson Cord Cover & Cord Management

Protect your cords with Ericson's TuffTraxx series cable protectors available with 3, 4, or 5 channels.

What is temporary power and lighting?

Temporary power or portable power equipment provides power to a location that only requires power for a limited amount of time. This includes areas like construction or jobsite locations. These units provide a safe and convenient way to plug in power tools and other on-the-job equipment. Portable power can include portable power transformation units which may step up or step-down voltage. It may also include portable power carts to safely distribute power using outlets or connectors.

Ericson temporary power solutions include portable GFCIs and portable distribution units.

Temporary lighting solutions illuminate areas where workers need light but cannot install a permanent light fixture. Temporary work lights or job site lights often feature portability and a heavy-duty, durable construction. They may offer corrosion resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance, and a wet or damp location rating.

Ericson lighting options include work lights, hand lamps, strings lights, and more.

Where do you use a portable GFCI?

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, often referred to as a GFCI or GFI, detects ground faults or current imbalances. When a GFCI detects these changes, it cuts off power to prevent fires and electrical shock. Portable GFCI outlets provide this protection against ground faults at locations without a permanent GFCI, like construction or jobsites, or in certain outdoor settings. They allow workers to safely plug in tools, power cords, and other electrical devices while providing GFCI protection.

What is a cable and hose protector?

A cable and hose protector reduces the possibility of damage to cables and hoses. The cable or hose fits inside one of the channels and a cover closes over the top. This helps protect the cord from damage caused by vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Ericson offers the TuffTraxx series cable and hose protectors for industrial or extreme duty protection. These cable and hose protectors feature an all-weather polyurethane construction, load ratings up to 50,000 pounds per axle, and meets NEC and OSHA requirements. You can use them in locations like construction sites, universities, airports, and much more.

What is a portable power distribution unit?

A portable power distribution unit (PDU), also known as a power distribution box or spider box, provide electrical power to a remote or temporary location such as a jobsite. They come equipped with multiple outlets to efficiently supply power.

Ericson offers a selection portable power distribution units, power distribution carts, compact distribution units, and more, including their quality Oscar PDU.

Why use Ericson products?

Beginning in 1918, Ericson Manufacturing Company offers over 103 years of experience. They believe in a customer driven organization focused on creating quality products. Ericson consistently tests and measures the quality of their products to meet and exceed expectations.

Starting with hand lamps, they’ve continued to expand their product lines to include a wide variety of temporary and portable power solutions. Find a selection of power distribution units, portable GFCI and outlet boxes, cord grips, work lights, string lights, electrical plugs and connectors, and much more.

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