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Create reliable electrical connections with electrical plugs and connectors from Ericson Manufacturing Company! Ericson also offers watertight plugs and connectors that help create secure connections in wet or damp environments. Browse HomElectrical to find electrical plugs and connectors from Ericson!

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What is a watertight plug or connector?

Watertight differs from waterproof. When contacted by water, waterproof products stay unaffected. Watertight products seal in such a way that water cannot enter or escape. Where a waterproof wire connector may remain unaffected, a watertight wire connector creates a seal to prevent water from entering. Because of this, watertight plugs and wire connectors can create watertight electrical connections in wet or damp locations. Certain connectors may also offer corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture, or temperature resistance.

Ericson offers certain watertight connectors for areas that require a watertight plug and connector. You can use them at a construction site, power generation, or certain harsh and demanding environments.

Why choose Ericson plug and connector options?

Ericson offers electrical plugs and connectors suitable for use in a variety of industries. Ericson plug and connector options include:

Perma-Link - industrial grade. Internal cord seal keeps out dust, dirt, and mud. The plug and connector covers may interchange for a weather resistant connection.

Perma-Kleen - includes antimicrobial additives embedded in polymer that resists scuffing and cleaning. These connectors inhibit growth of bacteria, molds, mildews, and fungi.

Perma-Tite - devices resistant to high-pressure hose down of 1,000 psi. Bodies consist of a PBT construction which provides high resistance to moisture absorption, high voltage arcing and carbon tracking.

Perma-Grip - quick field assembly with no cable clamp screws to tighten. The cord grip won’t pinch cable like standard cable clamps, which provides longer use and less cable replacement.

SmartMonitor - 24/7 diagnostic technology includes LED indicator. Monitors 7 conditions including reverse polarity, hot on ground, ground continuity, and open neutral conditions.

Perma-Spec - commercial grade. Body and shell made of thermoplastic nylon. Select models equipped with power indication light. Strain relief clamp furnished with removable inserts to accommodate different cable diameters.

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