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Find the right wire mesh cord grips for your next project with Ericson cord grips! Ericson wire mesh grips include pulling grips, support grips, strain relief, and much more. Shop HomElectrical to discover the Ericson cord grip you need!

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What are cord grips?

Cord grips, sometimes referred to as cable glands or wire mesh grip, attach to and secure the ends of heavy-duty cables to a device or piece of equipment. They can also seal cables and may pass a cable or cord into an enclosure through a bulkhead or into a control device like a switch. They prevent the cable from twisting or pulling out to ensure a secure connection.

Wire mesh grips include wire mesh for added support. They work well in high-traffic areas to protect them from cable pull-out. Areas like warehouses and shipping departments often require wire mesh since these cables may get hit or run over. Additionally, cables that suspend overhead or drop down may also require this added support.

What cord grips does Ericson offer?

Ericson wire mesh grips include industrial grade cord grips, such as:

  • Pulling grips - reusable pulling tool. Works with light to heavy cables.
  • Support - hold and support vertical or horizontal cables, metal rods, and tubing. Supports the weight to prevent cable pull-out.
  • Cord grips - protects cable when exposed to moisture or submersion. Eliminates fatigue points. Prevents cable pull-out. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Strain relief - prevents damage cause by pull-out. Reduces tension from being transmitted to joints. Minimizes stress and strain on conductors at the point of wire termination.
  • Deluxe support - prevents damage caused by cable pull-out and reduces tension from being transmitted to joints. Minimizes strain as well as stress on the conductors at the point of wire termination.
  • I-Grips - controls cable arc-of-bend and provides heavy-duty strain relief for plugs and connectors. Ericson boasts that their I-Grips are easy to attach.

Other types include:

  • Bus drop - absorb vibration and support flexible cord or cable from power supplied by an overhead source.
  • Service drop - supports light duty cables like service entrance cables or fiber optic cable.
  • Conduit riser - designed to support cables in conduit. Also prevents cable creep and cable pullout. They match standard conduit sizes.

What are the material options?

Cord grips come in a variety of materials so you can find the type needed to fit your environments. They commonly come in types of metal or plastic, such as:

Stainless Steel - high level of durability in severely corrosive environments. Excellent tensile strength. Works well in wet conditions.

Steel - better tensile strength than aluminum. Often zinc-chromium plated to improve appearance and rust-resistance.

Aluminum - common material that offers durability and performance. Lighter weight than stainless steel. Excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Valox - suitable for use in FDA washdown environments. Provides superior corrosion resistance.

Die-Cast Zinc - commonly used in residential and commercial applications. Not usually recommended for industrial use due to its pliability and lesser tensile strength.

Nylon - lightweight and durable. Withstands moisture and corrosion.

Ericson offers certain options with an aluminum/stainless steel construction.

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