Ericson Power Distribution Center

Keep your jobsite running with portable power distribution centers from Ericson! Ericson offers temporary power centers, transformers, power carts, and much more. Find their popular Oscar temporary power unit which works well in industrial and commercial construction projects, public events, and more. Shop HomElectrical to find a variety of Ericson power distribution units!

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What is a portable power distribution unit?

A portable power distribution unit (PDU), also referred to as power distribution centers, power distribution boxes, or spider box, supplies a safe and easy way to distribute electrical power to a remote or temporary location. They come equipped with several outlets so they can power multiple items at once. Certain PDUs only work in locations like data centers. Others, like those designed for portable or temporary use, work on job and worksites.

Ericson supplies temporary and portable distribution units that work well on jobsites. Ericson temporary power distribution centers and carts help supply electricity to portable tools and jobsite lighting. Use their PDUs in convention centers, general maintenance, industrial and commercial construction, stadiums, and more.

What power distribution units does Ericson offer?

Ericson PDUs include the popular Oscar PDU. The Oscar includes NEMA 5-20 duplex receptacles. Some versions include a GFCI breaker while others use a non-GFCI breaker. They offer both indoor and outdoor versions. Their outdoor versions include NEMA 3R weather resistance. They offer the Ericson 1066 power distribution unit to provide dependable jobsite performance.

The Oscar offers other benefits including:

  • Each 20 amp outlet is individually GFCI protected
  • Ready immediately – automatic power-up GFCIs. Only need to push reset after a trip
  • Field repairable by qualified personnel. Parts list and wiring diagram found on underside of the lid
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel skids
  • Power inlet/outlet clearly marked for quick identification
  • Feed-thru capability to daisy-chain multiple units
  • And much more!

They also offer compact units. These compact units offer the following benefits:

  • 50 amp input power
  • NEMA 3R in-use
  • Simplified handling, one hand carry
  • Reduced operational footprint
  • Anti-nuisance tripping design
  • Less maintenance than traditional 30 amp - 50 amp PDUs
  • Multiple units are stackable
  • Patented enclosure design
  • Patented open neutral protection

Ericson also offers power distribution carts. These carts distribute temporary power while offering even easier portability. Find Ericson’s Big-E Jr. series of 60–200 amp carts. These options feature NEMA 3R in-use and feature 1 and 3 phase options.

What power transformer units does Ericson offer?

Ericson offers a selection of two-wheel and four-wheel transformer carts. These easy to move carts feature a narrow frame that can fit through a standard 36-inch doorway.

Their e-Cart series offers a NEMA 3R load center with GFCI technology and a NEMA 3R fused primary disconnect, both sized to the transformer. Their e-Cart Jr. series offers models ranging from 15-45kVA. They offer NEMA 3R in-use including the main disconnect switch and a combo load center with GFCI circuit protection.

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