Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable was purchased by Southwire Company. One of the biggest U.S. Electrical wire and cable markers, Southwire Co. bought smaller U.S. rival Coleman Cable, expanding its footprint in the North American market. Browse through their selection of extension cables, electrical adapters, extension cords, extension outlets, generators, power centers, and more.
Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable Lights

For temporary work lights capable of illuminating work sites, use Coleman Cable Lights ideal for workshops, construction sites, auto shops, and more.

Coleman Cable Generator & Power Cords

Use the right power cord for your generator with Coleman Cable Generator & Power Cords available in multiple amperages.

Coleman Cable Extension Cords

Use high-quality Coleman Cable Extension Cords to provide power at a distance, ideal for commercial applications.

Coleman Cable Extension Cables

Take power further with Coleman Extension Cables suitable for a variety of needs.

Coleman Cable Electrical Adapters

Purchase Coleman Cable Electrical Adapters to turn one outlet into a two-way or three-way receptacle, also capable of changing amperage.

What are electrical adapters used for?

Coleman Cable offers a variety of electrical adapters that make transforming your electrical outlets much easier. Power adapters connect to the outlet, and change the plug shape to match what you are trying to plug in.

Do extension cords use a lot of electricity?

Generally heavy duty extension cords, or thicker cords, will carry more electricity than thinner extension cords. Coleman Cable offers a variety of extension cords in different sizes for both indoor and outdoor locations.

What are power centers used for?

Coleman Cable power centers are ideal for powering more than one electrical appliance at a time.
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