Coleman Cable Generator & Power Cords

Coleman is a manufacturing company that specializes in electrical cables, power distribution systems, and generator cords that are ideal for many commercial applications. Their durable and high quality cables and power cords provide superior power for all of your electrical needs!

What are the different types of power extension cords?

  • Twist Lock – twists together cords to prevent them from being pulled apart.
  • Lighted End – lights up to show that the cord is connected and that power is running through it.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) – will automatically shut off the power to the cord should there be a ground fault.
  • Push Lock – locks plugs together to keep them from being pulled apart. To release you only need to push a button for them to release.
  • GFCI Extension Cord – will function as a GFCI outlet and extends the GFCI receptacle.
  • Temporary Power Cord – will provide power from a temporary power box to any electrical device.
  • Spring Rewind Power Wheel – has a factory balanced spring motor that can self-retract the cord.
  • Power Block – converts one receptacle into three.
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