Knipex believes to have quality in every detail of every tool they produce. This pliers company uses high quality steel to manufacture the best tools in relation to quality and efficiency. Each pair of pliers has their own functioning properties designed for specific demands. Knipex pays attention to the tightness of tolerances that workers are looking for and work hard to produce the best and strongest tools for any applicable job. They also pay attention to the working areas of the pliers to guarantee reliability and durability in each tool.

What is the plastic coated steel used for?

Not only does the plastic coating help give the user a better grip, but it also gives the user a more comfortable handle on the pliers. The tool self grips, but when you are getting the initial grip, it is very useful and pleasant.

What are the pliers used for?

Each type of pliers is used for a different purpose. For a quick overview, you want to know:
  • Electrical Pliers are used for gripping and bending wire
  • Concretor's Nippersare used for twisting and cutting binding wire
  • Diagonal Cuttersare used for cutting through wires with little effort
There are more pliers and advanced options available. You just have to find the right fit for you!
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