Lenox wants to bring customers hacks haw blades and accessories that will last and stay durable for every use. Lenox sells a variety of different drill bits, bi-metal hole saws, band saw blades, semi-synthetic sawing fluid, and many more power tool accessories, hand tools, and band saw blades. You will find high quality tools at Lenox to make your job easier and to assure you the best performance possible.

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What are portable band saw blades used for?

Portable band saw blades have a high durability in metal-cutting applications with their long teeth to give you a nice and clean cut. These products are also shatter resistant and has a long blade life.

What are Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw used for?

Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saws are used with drills, with cordless or corded, to help you cut holes out of thin materials ranging from wood and plastic to soft metal for plumbing and electrical needs.
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