Magnalux is a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial & industrial LED lighting. They offer a variety of quality products including LED wall packs, canopy lighting fixtures, and shoebox fixtures that are ideal for both and indoor and outdoor application. Browse the most popular products today and new products as Magnalux is constantly innovating and creating new products.

Magnalux LED Wall Packs

Shop Magnalux to find LED wall packs ideal for commercial outdoor lighting.

Magnalux LED High Bay Fixture

Illuminate warehouses, parking lots, factories, and more with LED high bay fixtures from Magnalux.

Magnalux LED Vapor Tight Fixture

Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-foot options, you can find quality LED vapor tight fixtures from Magnalux.

Magnalux LED Flood Light

Featuring CCT selectable options as well as bright lumen options, discover the LED flood light you need from Magnalux.

Magnalux LED Panel

With select models offering dimming capabilities as well as 1X4, 2X2, and 2X4 length options, you can find the Magnalux LED panel that works best in your building.

Magnalux LED Shoebox Fixture

Available with various mounting capabilities, you can use Magnalux LED shoebox fixtures to illuminate large areas.

Magnalux LED Canopy Fixture

Brighten a garage, warehouse, or storage area with a Magnalux LED canopy light.

What are LED wall pack lights?

Magnalux offers a variety of LED wall pack lighting fixtures that provide superior illumination for outdoor locations, like commercial buildings. These LED lamp heads are extremely energy efficient, durable, bright, and have long lifespans. They are also a great replacement to high pressure sodium light, and offer a much better color rendering index.

Why do I need LED Shoebox fixtures?

Parking and area lighting requires high durability, energy efficiency, and a wide angle of light that is both powerful and effective. LED shoebox fixtures are an effective way to illuminate large areas, and can easily be mounted to street lights. Due to their energy efficiency, they are the perfect replacement to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium light fixtures.

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