Magnalux LED Shoebox Fixture

Keep your garage, warehouse, parking lot, and more well lit with an LED shoebox light. These lights will not only save you energy but will illuminate your desired space for up to 50,000 hours. Discover all of your LED lighting needs at HomElectrical today!

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HG-SL-60W1-L5Y3-A -BZ

What is a Shoebox Light used for?

  • A shoebox light is often used to illuminate a large space
  • Often shaped like a square or rectangle
  • Commonly used for parking lots

What does CRI mean?

CRI stands for color rendering index. It is a measurement of how well an artificial light source can reveal an objects color when compared to a natural light source.

What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is used to show how well an artificial light source's light compares to a natural light source.
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