Solo Cup

Solo Cup is a provider of plates, bowls, cups, all made from plastic and paper. Their graduated medical cups were originally designed to make the life of a health care physician a little bit easier by referring to measurements on the outside of the cup when distributing medicine. While a hospital or dentist office was the idea for this paper cup it can also be used for other purposes. It could be used anywhere, for example, that requires the use of a water cup including warehouses, construction sites, demolition sites, and more. Explore our collection of Solo Cup graduated medical cups at HomElectrical.

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What are Solo Cup Graduated Medicine Paper Cups?

Solo Cup graduated medicine paper cups are completely waxed and have a rolled rim to reduce the possibility that there will be a spill. The graduation on the medical cup refers to measurements that are listed on the cup. This will make it a simpler task for getting the right amount of medicine or drink.

When to use Solo Cup Graduated Medicine Paper Cups?

These cups were primarily designed for offices and locations that provided healthcare such as a hospital, doctors office, dentist office, and more. They can, however, be used for other applications as well. Solo Cup paper cups can be used as general water cups for the water fountain at a construction, demolition, warehouse, or any other worksites where there are a lot of people.

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