NUPLA is a leading manufacturing company for specialty and industrial grade hand tools. NUPLA strives to to be one of the strongest and safest companies who produce fiberglass-handled tools. NUPLA recognizes opportunities for improvement in their technology and continue to produce high quality tools including hammers, shoves, rakes, axes, and other non-conductive tools. Find yours today at HomElectrical!

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What are soft face hammers used for?

Soft face hammers are usually used when you need a strong force to strike through something, such as a wall. These are the go-to tool for this because they will not get damaged with each blow or mar.

What are machinist ball pein hammers used for?

Ball pein hammers, also known as machinist's hammers, are often used with metalworking. It is easily recognized for have a hemispherical head and being made of steel makes it easy to use on metal than others.
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