Get maximum eye protection with Uvex safety googles! One of Honeywell's premier brand of safety products, Uvex offers a variety of high performance protection for any commercial industry. Each eyewear is specially designed to protect your eyes from different work hazards, such as gas fumes, chemical splashes, and airborne particles. Browse through our selection of sporty eyewear from Uvex today!

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What material are Uvex safety glasses made of?

Uvex safety eyewear is made up of the strong and durable material, polycarbonate. The lenses are lightweight, help provide UV protection and are virtually impact resistant.

  • The lens design improves ventilation and minimizes fogging
  • Wraparound goggles provide peripheral vision protection
  • They also offer scratch resistance and anti-fog coatings

What is the anti-fog coating on Uvex safety goggles?

One of the biggest challenges in safety eyewear is the build-up of fog, from humidity and heated environmental conditions. There are two levels of fog protection:

  • Hydroshield: This anti fog coating is permanently bonded to the goggles' lenses, and can keep them clear up to 60 times longer by repelling the moisture to the side of the lenses. The coating also provides scratch-resistance.
  • Uvextreme: This anti fog coating provides anti-scratch, static resistance, and UV protection to the eyewear.

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