Airmaster fans are known for being among the best ventilation options available. Their fans are easy to move around, and create an almost immediate change in whatever room they're placed in. Whether you need portable relief or more permanent ventilation, Airmaster has you covered!

How do I know if I need permanent ventilation installed or just a portable fan?

This can be a hard question to answer, and it doesn't always have a definitive answer. Portable fans are great if you have a space that is too open to the elements for a permanent system to be effective. Outdoor gyms or classrooms are great locations for these portable fixtures. Large-scale indoor areas are much more suited to permanent ventilation systems. Indoor gyms, warehouses, factories, and server farms are excellent locations for these more permanent systems. These aren't catch all scenarios though, and sometimes you'll need both a permanent system and portable fan! Each situation is different, so consider your options and needs carefully when trying to decide which fan is needed.
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