Lug-All is a leading supplier of industrial-grade manual hoists that are ideal for construction. Their cable hoists are perfect for precision tasks where tension is needed to pull, lift, or lower large equipment; and their web strap hoists are ideal for overhead maintenance, such as engineering power lines.

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How does a winch work?

Winches are mechanical devices that are used to adjust the tension of a wire or cable, in order to allow someone to pull, lift, or lower heavy equipment. Manual winches require a hand crank, while automatic winches run on a motor that will release the cable at the press of a button. These devices also have safety lock features that will automatically lock in place when you remove your hand from the crank to prevent injury or runaway equipment.

How much weight can a cable winch hoist withhold?

Cable hoists from Lug-All commonly have a max capacity of about 1 1/2 tons. Some hoists have a single line capacity of 1500 lbs, and a double line capacity of 3000 lbs. Be sure to check the product description to find the right hoist to withstand your heavy load.
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