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Magnolia Brush is a strong and continuously growing company dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality brushes, brooms, squeegees, and more! The company is committed to producing useful products to ensure employee safety at competitive prices and having a variety of different types of brushes, squeegees, and other products allows them to continue to flourish.

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What is a squeegee used for?

A squeegee is a helpful tool that has a flat and smooth rubber blade to help you remove or control liquid on any flat surface. Mostly, these tools are used for cleaning, but can also be used in printing. They are mainly used when cleaning windows.

What are street brooms used for?

Street brooms are heavy-duty brooms that sweep streets, sidewalks, loading docks, parking lots, driveways, or any asphalt surface no matter if it is wet or dry. These brushes have poly corn bristles for extra strength cleaning.
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