Optrel is a manufacturer of eye protection products that are used in welding, grinding, and health care facilities. The welding helmet from Optrel is designed so that you can have a reliable piece of personal protection equipment that will prevent your eyes from being damaged by IR/UV lights. It is also a solar powered piece of equipment with replaceable batteries that can be used in construction, welding, demolition, or anywhere where you need eye and face protection. Explore our collection of Optrel welding helmets and accessories for you application at HomElectrical.

What are Optrel welding helmets made from?

Optrel welding helmets are designed to provide face and eye protection during the welding process. These helmets are solar powered with replaceable lithium batteries and are adjustable from the outside. Optrel welding helmets are IR/UV resistant and use LCD technology to remove the need of an on and off switch.

What application can a Optrel welding helmet be used in?

Welding helmets from Optrel are, again, designed to protect the wearer's eyes and face. While this is generally used for welding it can be used for a variety of other applications including:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Engineering
  • Electrical and more
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