Remii Fireplace

Keep cozy with a Remii electric fireplace and electric fireplace accessory. Remii offers a wide variety of fireplaces and accessories to modify and upgrade your space, with a wide variety of surround and flame colors. Shop HomElectrical for Remii electric fireplace products today!
Remii Fireplace

Remii Electric Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace surrounds provide decoration around your fireplace and add a focal point. Shop for fireplace surrounds from Remii at HomElectrical!

Remii Electric Fireplace

Stay warm all winter while with a Remii electric fireplace! Whether you want a traditional yellow flame or prefer a modern blue color, Remii fireplaces provide the look of a traditional fireplace without the danger of a real flame

What are the advantages of electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces offer many advantages over gas or wood-burning fireplaces. They prove the safest fireplace option since they do not have a real flame. They warm the room using a heating element and produce an accurate representation of the fire. This allows you to choose custom colors, such as bright yellow, orange, and red.

The installation process for an electric fireplace also offers a safer option than to a gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces require compliance to national and local building codes, but they don’t require connection to a gas line. Gas fireplaces pose a carbon monoxide hazard if not properly ventilated, but electric fireplaces avoid this risk. Dimensions are subject to change, so when installing your electric fireplaces, please reserve the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements.

What fireplace accessories are available?

Remii fireplace surrounds come in black, but you can purchase dark gray or bronze surrounds to better match your room décor. Make sure to buy the surround that matches your fireplace products’ specifications and dimensions. Please refer to the product manual to find the dimensions.

Why choose Remii?

Remii fireplaces utilize clean, contemporary designs with an attractive flame presentation and innovative features. Safer than traditional fireplaces, a Remii electric fireplace changes from traditional colors such as yellow to contemporary colors such as blue or violet with just a click of the remote. Remii uses a beautiful orange and red light combination to offer you a more realistic flame effect. They use one of two flame sets: either the regular flame or the FIRE & ICE Flame. To view the most accurate version of the FIRE & ICE Flame and our regular flame sets, please visit the Remii Electric Fireplace page at HomElectrical!

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