Remii Electric Fireplace

Stay warm all winter while with a Remii electric fireplace! Whether you want a traditional yellow flame or prefer a modern blue color, Remii fireplaces provide the look of a traditional fireplace without the danger of a real flame. Shop HomElectrical for the perfect electric fireplace from Remii and get the best shipping, delivery, and shopping options!

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What is an electric fireplace?

Unlike a natural gas fireplace, an electric fireplace does not produce a real flame. An electric fireplace uses a heating coil to produce warmth, just like a regular electric heater. The fireplace uses a flame effect to produce the appearance of a real fire while staying much safer than other types. This also allows for more flame color options, such as blue flames or a green flame, that don’t come with a traditional fireplace. Some electric fireplaces produce the flame effect without the heat, allowing you to use the flame effect all year long.

What fireplace sizes and styles does Remii offer?

Remii offers many different sizes and styles to fit your space. For the depth options, Remii divides their fireplaces into 5 series. Flame colors produced include many of the colors of the visible light spectrum, such as orange, yellow, blue, violet, and rose, which users can change using remote controls. They can heat up to 500 square feet.

The Extra Slim Series fireplaces feature a 4-in depth. Length options include 35-in, 45-in, 55-in, and 65-in. The key features of this model include a heater and fan, and these models come hard-wire and thermostat hard-wire ready. Rated for both indoor and outdoor use, this series provides a much safer alternative to a propane fire pit or fire table. Media options include Canyon Brown and Ocean Blue.

The Deep Series fireplaces feature a 12-in depth, with length options of 45-in, 55-in, and 65-in. For a “clean face” design, you can install the fireplace with finishing material built into the glass or use the black steel surround. The flame operates with or without heat, making this the perfect year-round fireplace option. These fireplaces come hard-wire and thermostat hard-wire ready. The decorative media offers 13 colors of ambient canopy lighting. Fire glass media options include Canyon Brown and Ocean Blue.

The Extra Tall Series contains a deep media tray and a viewing area of 18 inches, 6 inches taller than the other models. Length options include 45-in, 55-in, and 65-in. Other features of this series include a heater and fan, rated for indoor and outdoor use, and hard-wire and thermostat hard-wire ready. Media options include Canyon Brown and Ocean Blue.

The Bay Series features a depth of less than 4 inches so that it can install into a 2-in x 4-in wall. Length options include 30-in, 40-in, 50-in, 60-in, and 72-in. The 2-stage heater operates the flame with or without heat, making this another perfect year-round option. These models come thermostat and electrical hard-wire ready and approval for indoor and outdoor use. Installation configurations include 3 sides open, left side open, right side open, and both sides closed.

The ambient canopy lighting illuminates media in 13 colors. The fireplace comes with a 10-piece log set and charcoal gray fire glass, vermiculite, black glass, and a remote.

The WM Series offers a slim design that can fully recess or semi-flush wall mount within a 2x4 wall, making this the perfect option for a recessed electric fireplace. These models offer two different flame styles: standard and traditional. These modern flames operate with or without heat, making it perfect for zone heating. Additionally, these models come with a touch pad with a temperature display.

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