Shop HomElectrical for a variety of quality woodworking tools from Greenlee! Greenlee is a textron company that has been working in the electrical and woodworking industries for 70 years with the goal of providing innovative, quality made, durable tools that will become your go to!

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How do you use a Greenlee knockout punch set?

  1. Measure to where you want the center of your hole to be
  2. Drill a pilot hole at the center of your hole
  3. Slide the die over the bolt
  4. Stick the bolt into the pilot hole
  5. Use the ratcheting wrench to make the hole by tightening the bolt

What are Greenlee draw studs used for?

Greenlee draw studs are designed to be used with manual, ratchet, hydraulic, or battery powered drivers. It will split a slug so that it can be more easily removed.
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