Pelican is a leading manufacturing company that sells variety of different tool accessories such as their very own Pelican Cases. Even though their main products they sell are their cases, they also have additional products such as headlamps and different types of flashlights. Pelican specializes in their cases to put out the highest-quality equipment to ensure all materials and contents in the case are "snug and secure."

What is the difference between the benefits of small and large protector cases?

Both of these cases offer top-of-the-line protection, but are used for different items depending on their size. Both cases have an open cell core, are lightweight, and are resistant to water, dust, and being crushed with theirr strong stainless steel exterior casing.

What are headlamps used for?

Headlamps are a great hands-free accessory to help you easily shine light on an area you are working on. The LED light brings a positive glow around you and allows your to focus the light on where you are looking because it is attached to your head. These work well in the dark and for outdoor activities.
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