Electrical Switches

For general electrical applications use Calterm Electrical Switches including toggle, rocker, indicator, push button options.

Terminals & Connectors

Safely pair wires and electrical connections with Calterm Terminals and Connectors suitable for automotive, RV, fleet and truck wire connection applications.

Wire Management

Keep wires organized with Calterm Wire Management including shrink tube, clamps, and clips designed for general electrical applications.

Wire Cutters & Strippers

Shop for electrical hand tools from Calterm Wire Cutters and Strippers designed with superior performance in mind.

Electrical Tape

Use Calterm Electrical Tape to safely protect and insulate electrical connections from dirt, dust, and debris.

Indicator Lights

Know when electrical devices or machinery is running by using Calterm Indicator Lights.

Electrical Wire

High quality Calterm Electrical Wire offers flexibility and provides protection from corrosion and electrolysis.

Fuse, Junctions & Sockets

Choose from a variety of Calterm Fuses, Junctions & Sockets for any project in general electrical application.

Cable/Zip Ties

Organize and secure loose cable, wire, hoses, or ducts with Calterm Cable/Zip Ties capable of securing heavy loads.


Use testing equipment like the Calterm Voltmeter/Multimeter to ensure the proper installation and safety of electrical equipment.
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