Flange Wizard

Flange Wizard has been the welder's choice for quality since 1981. Every single one of their products are designed with a welder's job in mind, and tries to make their lives as easy as possible while on the job. Their catalog features magnetic torch guides, pipe flange aligners, and precision radius markers. Make your welding job easier with Flange Wizard's tools today!

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What do I use Wizard Wrap for?

Wizard Wrap provides a layer of material between you and the object you're welding. It's designed to retain the marks from soapstone and keep it from slipping. It is packaged in a durable, reusable container that will hold up in your tool box.

How is a circle guide or a radius maker used?

These tools are designed to help the welder cut perfect circles. They work on the same principle as a compass, but they are used in conjunction with welding tools.
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