Komelon provides a line of top quality tape measures for both contractors and homeowners. With a variety of tape measures, including measuring tape, heavy duty measuring tape, and measuring wheels, you will be able to fulfill all of your measuring needs! Having the option of having tradesman measuring tape and Heavy Duty Grip measuring tape allows you to keep different products in different environments, and you know which places each tape measure works best in. Find the tape measure to suit your needs today!

How far do the tape measures go?

On average, measuring tape will measure up to 25 feet. There are other option of longer, such as a 25, 30, or 35 foot measuring tape, but most commonly, you only need up to 25 feet with a standard tape measure.

What features do measuring wheels have for easy use?

Komelon's selection of measuring wheels have an adjustable twist and lock handle to help hold the tape and no lose your measurements. There is also a reset button when you want to take a new measurement, and a magnifying glass is attached to help improve readability. Also the polyvinyl tread has helped improve the traction to give you overall satisfaction.
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