Kimberly-Clark tries to provide essentials for their world, and puts their customers first to make a positive difference with their top leading products and brands such as Kleenex and Scott. Their disposable wipers, paper towels, manufactured bags, and facial tissue all help to ensure cleanliness in any given area. Their products also include different types of protective wear, such as coveralls, gloves, hard hats, face masks, and shoe covers to ensure personal safety on the job.

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What protection do Nitrile Gloves provide?

Nitrile gloves are an alternate superior glove that are puncture resistant and protect against corrosive chemicals, oils, and greases. These gloves also do not contain latex.

What are Scott 1 ply paper towels made of?

These Scott paper towels contain 34% post-consumer and 55% recycled fiber. The towels have no additional fragrance added to them.
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