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Reckitt Benckiser is a distributor of several leading cleaning, health, and hygiene products. They specialize in consumer health products with leading brands, including Lysol, Airwick, Veet, Woolite, and Finish. Browse through their wide selection of disinfectants, sanitizing sprays, dishwashing detergent liquids, and more!

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What is Easy-Off used for?

Easy-Off is a heavy duty oven cleaner specially designed to lift baked on grease and food from stainless steel appliances, ovens, and grills.

What surfaces can you use Lime-A-Way on?

Lime-A-way is a cleaning solution used to dissolve and remove unwanted limescale and calcium deposits on linoleum tiles. This product can be used on most surfaces that come in contact with large amounts of water, including:

  • bathroom tiles
  • bathtub
  • shower doors
  • sinks
  • toilet bowls

Lime-A-Way is not recommended on the following surfaces:

  • marble
  • stone
  • terrazo
  • polished aluminum
  • grout or counter tops
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