Memphis Glove

Memphis Gloves is a developer and manufacturer of disposable and work gloves that are designed for commercial to do it yourself applications. Their collection of gloves can be made from latex, cotton, nitrile, leather and more to better protect your hands during a project. They can be used for a wide array of application including: construction, demolition, electrical, or anything where you need protection against chemicals, abrasions, and cuts. Explore our collection of Memphis Gloves disposable and work gloves for you projects at HomElectrical.
Memphis Glove

Memphis Glove Leather Gloves

Shop Memphis Gloves to find leather gloves to protect your hands against abrasions.

Memphis Glove Nitrile Gloves

Protect your hands with a selection of disposable and reusable nitrile gloves from Memphis Glove.

Memphis Glove Latex Gloves

Discover a selection of disposable and reusable latex gloves from Memphis Glove.

Memphis Glove Work Gloves & Sleeves

Protect against abrasions, scratches, and chemicals with a selection of gloves and sleeves from Memphis Glove.

What are the different type of Memphis Gloves?

Memphis Gloves provide a wide variety of gloves and hand protection equipment made from an array of materials including: leather, latex, nitrile, cotton, and more. These gloves are abrasion, cut, and chemical resistant so that you will have the proper protection during your project.

What can Memphis Gloves be used for?

The type of Memphis Glove you decide to get should be based on the type of application you are doing. But these disposable and work gloves can be used for a wide variety of applications counting:

  • Construction
  • Welding
  • Demolition
  • Engineering
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing and more
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