USI Electric

USI is dedicated to preventing emergencies in the home with their large selection of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms. They also offer an assortment of bathroom ventilation fans designed to cut down humidity, eliminate moisture, and prevent mold buildup in your bathrooms. Shop HomElectrical for the best deals with our selection of USI products today!
USI Electric

USI Smoke & Fire Alarms

Protect your home with quality smoke and fire alarms, including battery operated and hardwired options.

USI Combo Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Protect your home with this selection of combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that can detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and natural gas.

USI 10 Year Sealed Battery Smoke Detector

USI offers smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms featuring a 10-year sealed battery for long-lasting protection against fire and toxic gases.

USI Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

This selection of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms come in a wide variety of options, including those that feature additional natural gas detection, hardwire or plug-in options, and more bonuses.

USI Electrical Outlet & Receptacle

Browse a selection of electrical outlets and receptacles, including USB charger options, tamper resistant, weather resistant, and more.

USI Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Reduce humidity, eliminate odors, and prevent mold buildup with this selection of bathroom ventilation fans.

USI Door Bell

Let occupants know that a visitor has arrived with this selection of doorbells and door chime kits.

USI Electric Wall Plates

Cover your outlets and switches with stylish and strong wall plates with this selection.

USI Emergency Lights

Browse a selection of emergency lights with ultra-bright LEDs to illuminate key paths or areas for a safe exit.

What are lithium-free hybrid alkaline batteries?

Many of USI Electric's detectors are now available with a lithium free alkaline hybrid battery option. What this means is that these batteries not only last longer and use less power, but they're also safer as they don't overheat or catch on fire.

How does the Iophic alarm system work?

USI recently designed a new type of smoke alarm, called the IoPhic alarm that has a built-in microprocessor that detects the type of fire and alerts 87% faster than traditional alarms.

Who is Universal Security Instruments?

Universal Security Instruments (USI) is an international developer and manufacturer of top of the line, high quality, and consumer friendly security products. Since being in the business for over 50 years, USI has climbed to the top of the industry, now one of the largest manufacturers of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms in the world. USI has government regulatory approvals in 30 countries, making them an international leader. Universal Security Instruments sells a wide variety of easy to install smoke and fire alarms, as well as carbon monoxide alarms and bathroom ventilation fans.
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