USI Electric Wall Plates

Safely protect your wiring with USI Electric switch plate covers and outlet covers. USI Electric makes plastic light switch plates and outlet plates to cover a wide variety of configurations. Shop HomElectrical to find the wall plate you need from USI Electric!

What is a wall plate?

A wall plate covers light switches and outlets, protecting the wiring behind them. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover different configurations of switches and outlets.

What is a gang?

Light switch plates and outlet covers come in multiple gang options. The gang refers to a side-by side element in an electrical box. For example, in toggle switch plates, a gang represents the space where each switch goes. A 1-gang plate covers a box with one switch, while a 2-gang plate covers one with two switches. In a standard duplex outlet, a single-gang receptacle has a total of two outlets. That means a 2-gang wall plate covers an outlet box with two receptacles that contain two outlets each.

Why choose USI wall plates?

Made of strong, flexible polycarbonate with reinforced ribs for stiffness, USI Electric wall plate covers last a long time due to their virtually unbreakable construction. The smooth plastic wall plates clean easily, while captive screws ensure that the screws stay attached to the wall plate.

USI Electric makes a variety of UL listed wall plates that include light switch covers and outlet covers:

  • 1, 2, 3-gang toggle wall plate: These cover a toggle light switch.
  • 2, 3, 4-gang rocker wall plate: These cover rocker switches.
  • Blank wall plates: These cover outlets you no longer use, eliminating safety concerns without removing the entire outlet box.
  • Duplex wall plate: These cover duplex receptacles.
  • Decorator wall plate: These cover decorator receptacles.
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