USI Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

USI's assortment of carbon monoxide detectors are available from HomElectrical. These compact carbon monoxide detectors ensure the safety of you and your family with features such as digital readings, and can detect carbon monoxide, smoke, fire, and natural gas. Shop HomElectrical for all the USI carbon monoxide detectors.

What are some benefits to carbon monoxide alarms?

USI's selection of carbon monoxide alarms is available through HomElectrical. Several of these carbon monoxide alarms also detect smoke, fire, and natural gases to ensure your safety in your home, apartment, or mobile home.

How does the USI carbon monoxide alarm work?

Yes. Assorted detectors utilize a test button feature as well as digital screens that display current carbon monoxide levels. Certain alarms feature microprocessor intelligence that eliminate nuisance alarms. Many of the detectors are plug-in powered with battery backups in case of a power outage, and all detectors are easily installed. Compact detectors only take up one electrical outlet.
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