USI Emergency Lights

Light the way to safety in an emergency with an LED emergency light from USI Electrical! During a power outage, battery-run emergency lights illuminate a safe path. Shop HomElectrical for USI emergency lights so that you can stay safe even without power!

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What are emergency lights?

During power outages, emergency lights use battery power to operate, illuminating a path of egress for the people in the building. Emergency lights typically feature one or two lamp heads to shine light in multiple directions. Your building safety code, insurance standards, and OSHA standards may require installation of an emergency exit light.

Emergency lights typically install in spaces such as windowless rooms larger than a broom closet, stairs, and aisles that lead to an exit. Install emergency lights in other areas that might lead to an exit like corridors, ramps, and escalators, or any exit point leading to an area open to the public. Also include emergency lights near doors equipped with delayed-egress locks, and doors with new sensor-release electrical locking systems.

What do I need to consider when installing emergency lights?

Emergency lights can install on tabletops, walls, or remain portable. To figure out the number of lamps you need in a space, consider the size of the space and the foot candle created by each lamp head. Most building codes require at least one foot candle per square foot. Building codes may also require a specific length of time the light needs to operate without power, and backup systems when performing maintenance.

To avoid code violations and fines, always have a professional install and perform maintenance on emergency lights.

Why choose USI emergency lights?

The USI Automatic Emergency Lighting System automatically turns on when the electric power shuts off. The system contains two long life 6 LED array flood lights. These lights do not use bulbs, making the fixture virtually maintenance free.

Additionally, the self-charging battery allows the light to produce up to 48 hours of emergency flood lighting, making this an energy efficient option with a long life. Safety lights from USI also come with an AC power adaptor to keep it charged. The three-way switch includes 2 lights, 1 light, and off. Applications include basements, hallways, escape routes, garages, and near fuse boxes.

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